BU group is a full service in testing and inspection company providing field and laboratory inspection, examination, testing & evaluation in destructive testing methods and technique and various codes, standards, specification and relatives’ procedure of manufacturer with qualified personnel Such as...

Mechanical Testing:

Tensile, bend test, flattering, flaring, compression, hardness, cupping, impact (upto 60°C) metallographic, macro test, micro examination, (with or without photograph) .and in sight metallographic. Interagranuler corrosion testing as per standard practice coating test on ferrous and non-ferrous metals galvanizing, anodizing, chrome plating, nickel plating, paint coating etc.

Chemical Analysis:

Ferrous, non-ferrous metal, Ferro alloys, coal, coak, and refectories etc. Cements, dust, damp, paint etc spectro/pmi at field and lab.

Stress Analysis:

Stress relieving at lab and field with capability of coil, oil fired and furnaces heating and all cooling process as require by material.

Hardness Test:

Hardness (Brinell, Rockwell) flexural & peel, and tear & drop weight

Failure Analysis:

Fatigue, compression, load, granular structure, corrosion, erosion & physical testing with destructive and non-destructive tests