Visual Inspection:

Capability to check by visual and various optical methods with availability of television, photographic, laser, thermometer and other micro electronic and mechanical instrument.

Liquid Penetrant Test:

Capability of various techniques such as wet/dry flouroscent and visible In solvent and water washable with availability of comparator, checkmate and ferochem chemicals with standard block.

Magnetic Particle Testing:

Capability of various techniques such as circular and longitudinal magnetizing by flouroscent and visible methods with availability of yoke, prod, headstock (cir./ long.) with de-magnetization, UV light, gauss meter, UV meter, pie indicator, drilled block, standard weight lift, cane liquid spry/dry spry/ready to make type flux.

Ultrasonic Testing:

Capability of various techniques such as contact, immersion testing with A, B & C Scan presentation, TOFD, Phase array, DGS, DAC with availability of various probes such as normal, angle, trans-receive and special application type, blocks V1, V2, standard blocks of forging, casting, welding and special categories alloys blocks with requirement and applications. Ultrasonic thickness gauging on A & B scan. Ultrasonic cleaning, soldering and welding in electronic and medical equipments.

Radiography Testing:

Capability of various techniques such as X-rays, Gamma rays, film & real time, micro focus and mobile lab van with availability of lead number, penentra meter, cassettes/lead screens of various sizes, lead sheets, magnets, elastics, danger sign, dose meter, rad. Survey meter and safety assets And lot of brands of films used in medical, electronics, industrial etc.

Eddy Current Testing:

Capability of various techniques such as flaw detection and material shortening

Leak Test:

Capability of test in field and lab with hydro n leak test with bubble, helium at related pressure with pressure calibrated equipments.